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Eenadu Newspapers - Telugu Language Newspaper

Eenadu Newspapers is the Heart and Soul of Andhra Pradesh . Eenadu Indian Newspaper of Telugu Language gives the latest news of Andhra Pradesh. It gives news in different category like sports news , cricket news, cinema news, entertainment news,celebrity gossips, business news,national and internation news.

It is found in 1974 Mr. Ramaji Rao is his owner and Chairman .Currently It has got readership arounds 1,13,49,000 and is seconds daily news provider in India. It also gives the latest technology and communication technology
in telugu language.It headquarters is located in Hyderabad. Eenadu news paper is very famous and useful media to sharing and distributes your idea in telugu means English is not mandatory coa it makes lots of changes in telegu media and its functioning . News before Sunrise is the rationale that powers the Eenadu initiative. Today, the paper is simultaneously published from 24 centres.It’s official site is

Eenadu news paper start e-paper for it’s online reader . It publish some telugu weekly like Vasundhara,Vipula, pratibaha, siri, eetaram, hai bujji, chaduvu are also interesting very interesting weekly. It’s provide the various service like email alert, custom section for Eenadu telugu newspaper, add news gadget for Eenadu newspaper and also subscriber news feed of Eenadu telegu newspaperand many more.